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Last updated:
January 2, 2022

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Using the Calculations

The calculations shown in the Silver Safety Calculation™ and the Silver Safety Pyramid™ should be used with the following considerations in mind:

lbs = your total body weight
ppm = ppm of silver in your silver supplement


Many silver supplements come in spray form. The general guideline we recommend is:

1 spray = 3 drops

Note that this is a generalization because the measured dose of various sprayers will vary a bit. Some fine mist sprayers deliver a little more, in which case one may want to calculate as follows to be extra prudent:

1 spray = 3.5 drops

Vertical sprayers should be calculated the same way as regular sprayers. (Some may deliver a little less than a regular sprayer, but they're often used for nasal application where more absorption into the blood is likely than with oral administration.)


To convert drops to teaspoons, the general guideline we recommend is:

1 teaspoon = 105 drops

(This is based on 1 US teaspoon, which contains 4.929 milliliters.)


The limits recommended herein are for silver intake from all silver supplements combined and provide only general guidelines. Users should make judgments about their intake of silver based on these guidelines and on their individual circumstances.

Nasal sprays: Some silver products are nasal sprays. The amounts used nasally should always be added in to figure out the total silver intake from supplements.



The Silver Safety Calculation assumes an average drop contains approximately 0.04683 grams of water.




The Silver Safety Calculation upon which the guidelines on this site are based was developed by the creator of Silver 100™ Ionic Silver Complex with Opti-Silver™.
Silver 100™ was designed for optimally efficient delivery of silver ions into the human body.
The suggested usage on the label for Silver 100™ fully complies with the Silver Safety Guideline.
You can learn much more about Silver 100™ with Opti-Silver™ at:
"To a chemist,
Opti-Silver represents
a brilliant chemical formulation..."

— Don Baird, PhD, chemistry professor, Nova Southeastern University; former director of the Department of Chemistry, Florida Atlantic University


* The EPA did not create and has not endorsed the Silver Safety Guideline or the Silver Safety Calculation. It has not represented that limiting
silver intake from silver supplements to 25% of the RfD will limit total silver intake to safe levels or adheres to the RfD guideline.