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Last updated:
January 2, 2022

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Easily calculate safe oral usage amounts for any silver supplement (ionic silver or colloidal silver) based on the US EPA safety guideline*

This guide shows you how to easily limit your intake of silver from silver supplements to 25% of the US EPA’s RfD safety guideline for total daily oral intake of silver (thus leaving 75% of the RfD available to allow for the silver in your daily drinking water and food intake)


Safely Using Silver Supplements

The US EPA has established a safety guideline for daily oral intake of silver, called the Reference Dose or “RfD,” which is the EPA’s suggested limit for total daily intake of silver from all sources, including drinking water and food. The RfD is also used by the EPA as a guide for suggested limits on silver levels in public drinking water.

It is useful to refer to the EPA RfD as a general guide to ensure safe usage when taking silver supplements. The primary concern from excessive intake of silver is a harmless yet permanent skin discoloration called argyria. To use the RfD as a guideline for safe intake limits for silver supplements, the combined total of your silver intake from drinking water, from food, and from your silver supplements should remain within the RfD limit for total silver intake.

The Silver Safety Council estimates that the amount of silver in the daily water intake and food intake for the vast majority of people is well below 75% of the RfD limit for total daily intake of silver.

Therefore, the Silver Safety Guideline limits the intake of silver from ongoing daily use of silver supplements to the remaining 25% of the EPA RfD. This guideline, 25% of the RfD for daily use, should reliably keep one’s intake of silver from silver supplements within safe limits, well below the levels that could cause any adverse effects.






The Silver Safety Calculation upon which the guidelines on this site are based was developed by the creator of Silver 100™ Ionic Silver Complex with Opti-Silver™.
Silver 100™ was designed for optimally efficient delivery of silver ions into the human body.
The suggested usage on the label for Silver 100™ fully complies with the Silver Safety Guideline.
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— Don Baird, PhD, chemistry professor, Nova Southeastern University; former director of the Department of Chemistry, Florida Atlantic University


* The EPA did not create and has not endorsed the Silver Safety Guideline or the Silver Safety Calculation. It has not represented that limiting
silver intake from silver supplements to 25% of the RfD will limit total silver intake to safe levels or adheres to the RfD guideline.