Cost per Milligram (mg) of Silver

"Parts per million" only tells you what you're paying per milligram of silver

Many people are confused about "parts per million" (ppm). They don’t realize that it only tells them how much they’re actually paying per milligram (mg) of silver – if they know how to do the math, which is pretty complicated.

Now, with the calculator below, you can instantly find out what you're really paying for each milligram (mg) of silver – and instantly compare the cost per milligram (mg) of any two products!

Why "cost per milligram" is only a small part of the story

The only active ingredient in any silver product is the "ionic" form of silver. In the human body, it requires a specific delivery mechanism.

Even though bioactivity and delivery are the keys in determining the efficiency of a silver product, and thus the actual cost of usage, it's interesting to see what you're actually paying for the silver itself.

This calculator shows you the actual "cost per milligram" of silver for any ionic silver or colloidal silver product. It shows what you're paying for the silver itself – the bioactive silver and inert silver combined. (It also shows how much silver you're getting per fluid ounce, and per bottle.)


Enter the details for any two silver products in columns A and B, and click Calculate.

To put the details of Silver 100™ into either column, click button A or B at bottom-left.
(Button A or B shows as the column color when the details for Silver 100™ fill the column.)

      A     B  
Concentration ( parts per million of silver )   ppm   ppm
Volume ( fluid ounces per bottle )   fl. oz.   fl. oz.
Price ( price per bottle ) $   $  
cost of each mg of silver
mg of silver per fluid ounce
mg of silver per bottle
cost of each mg of silver
mg of silver per fluid ounce
mg of silver per bottle
Silver 100™ – 100 ppm, 2 fl. oz., $39.95 (manufacturer's suggested retail price)

The calculations were provided by Donald Baird, Ph.D., chemistry professor at Nova Southeastern University and former director of the Department of Chemistry at Florida Atlantic University.

From the makers of Silver 100™ Ionic Silver Complex.
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