Many people are confused by the idea of "parts per million" or "ppm" when they buy ionic silver or colloidal silver products. And some manufacturers capitalize on the pubic's lack of understanding by implying that certain levels of ppm are better, or safer, are not as good or less safe.

In reality, ppm only refers to the concentration of silver, and the only impact it has is on the dosing one should take and the cost one is paying per milligram ("mg") of silver.

If a product is more concentrated, you just use less to get the same amount of silver as with another product that's less concentrated. No "ppm" level is safer or more effective than any other, since what matters is the total amount you're consuming. In reality, ppm tells what you're paying for the "water" and for the silver. That's all!

Most people don't understand that they would have to buy "ten bottles" of a 10-ppm silver to get the same amount of silver as one equally sized bottle of 100-ppm silver.

We have created a simple calculator to automatically determine how much money you're actually paying per mg of silver for any given silver product.

In the vast majority of cases, Silver 100 costs less money that other silver products per mg of silver, as this calculator will readily reveal.

Note that this does not take into account the fact that virtually all silver products other than Silver 100 provide a very small amount of bioactive silver ions per mg of silver (regardless of what they may claim - the chemistry is the chemistry and colloidal silver by definition has only a very small level of bioactive silver ions).

In that sense alone, Silver 100 is always far more economical than any other silver product when comparing equal amounts or mg of silver. This is because you use much less Silver 100 to get far more bioactive silver ions per mg of silver than any other product on the market. Therefore, Silver 100 is always the most economical, simply because it's the most bioactive and has the only advanced stabilization-and-release mechanism.

Nonetheless, this calculator is still extremely useful because it will instantly reveal the actual cost of silver, per mg of silver, for any silver product you might find.

(Note that "mild silver protein", which is dark brown in color, is often available in a 500-ppm concentration. Mild silver protein is essentially just silver ground up into a powder. If the silver particles were not bound up with protein they would form a layer of powder at the bottom of the bottle. It has virtually no bioactive ions at all. Therefore, while the cost per mg of silver is low due to the high concentration, it's actually very costly because you would have to use an enormous amount to even begin to approach a meaningful amount of bioactive silver ions.)

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The actual calculations

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